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November 16, 2022

5 Ways To Care For Your Smile After The Zoom Whitening Treatment

November 16, 2022

5 Ways To Care For Your Smile After The Zoom Whitening Treatment

Here are 5 essential tips on how to care for your smile after the Zoom whitening treatment.

The first thing you notice after the treatment is that your teeth feel a bit sensitive. Don’t worry, within 24 hours the sensitivity will settle.

But what now?

Remember, whitening only BEGINS in the dental chair. To maintain the dazzling white smile, you should follow the 5 essential tips below:

1. Don’t brush right after the treatment for at least 1 hour: It is important to note that bleaching solutions are often acidic. Acids (whether they come in the form of whitening agents or sour food/drink) temporarily soften enamel. For this reason, it is crucial to hold off on brushing your teeth as it may cause damage to your enamel. Wait at least half an hour before brushing your teeth after any whitening treatment.

2. Stay away from colored foods and drinks. Why? After whitening gels are removed, your teeth become slightly dehydrated; they will absorb from their surroundings like how a sponge does, and that includes color. Make sure your teeth are absorbing color from water, milk, and coconut, rather than tobacco, marinara sauce, and green tea. Your teeth will become very sensitive to stain for the first five days after in-office whitening.

3. Don’t use colored toothpaste or mouthwash for the next 24 hours, for the very same reasons as staying away from colored foods. Although oral hygiene is very important to make sure you purchase in advance a white toothbrush and clear mouth rinse.

4.  Stay away from acid foods. The process of teeth whitening can leave teeth temporarily sensitive to acidic foods and drinks, leading to pain and discomfort while eating. low-pH items such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, pineapple, vinegar, pickles and soft drinks can increase the acidity of your saliva, potentially damaging areas of your teeth already weakened by whitening chemicals. Limiting these items after your whitening treatment can help you avoid food-related pain.

5.  Lastly, you will want to maintain the shade you have achieved in the long run. Although professional whitening provides you with the most optimal, long lasting results, whitening is not forever; as all the things you may eat, drink, and smoke over the years will change the color of your teeth, inevitably, over the coming years. What stains teeth? Simple. Anything that has the potential to stain a white T-shirt will stain your teeth. Ideally, after consuming colored foods and drinks rinse very thoroughly several times after you are finished. Also, it may catch some stares but drink through a straw to prevent excessive contact with your teeth.

Remember to visit Versailles Dental Clinic every 6 months for the regular dental check-up, cleaning, teeth whitening Dubai. your dentist will keep an eye on the color of your pearly whites.

Enjoy your smile!

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