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Are you suffering with bad breath?


Bad breath can affect your quality of life, self-confidence and can create embarrassing situations, both within your personal and professional life, meaning you may not want to speak out due to the worry of the smell.

Our leading practitioner Dr. Caron Oral Surgeon in Dubai talks about the causes of bad breath and how it can be prevented:

  • Not brushing your teeth or flossing can cause food to accumulate around the teeth and on the tongue which will cause a foul smell.
  • Consuming foods such as onion, garlic and coffee which are pungent in smell will impact bad breath, although temporarily you could brush after consuming such foods to remove the temporary smell.
  • Your oral hygiene is so important and will impact bad breath, issues such as gum infection, tongue coating, dentures and tooth decay are a few of the sources of bad breath
  • Bad breath can also be caused by and/or indicate to you bodily problems such as dry mouth, common cold or flu, diabetes, kidney disorders and stomach disorders.

If you are concerned about having bad breath, it is best to seek proper guidance and visit a dentist in Dubai who can give you a thorough checkup to determine the source and provide options for resolving the situation.

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