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Patients missing one or more teeth once had to select from very limited options, however, dental implants now offer patients a comfortable, attractive, long-lasting option for teeth replacement. If you’re missing one or more teeth, arrange a dental consultation in Dubai and let our team of experienced oral surgeons in Dubai show you how dental
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Having multiple missing teeth can really affect your confidence, especially if the gaps are at the front of the mouth and visible when you speak or smile. Missing teeth can also have a knock-on effect on your everyday life, your speech may be affected, it can limit what you eat, and it can even become
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Invisalign dubai, Invisalign clear aligners, braces in dubai
If you have decided on the Invisalign treatment in Dubai, then you’re probably wondering how to take care of these clear braces. Most patients complain of discoloration or smell towards the end of two to three weeks. With proper care, we can prevent these from happening. In this blog, we’ll show you some the best
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New year, new you?

Are you tired of smiling with chipped or discolored teeth? Cosmetic Dentistry may be for you. There are many treatments to choose from and our team of cosmetic dentists will provide you with their experienced care and high-quality cosmetic dentistry procedures – because who doesn’t want the perfect smile? Here are a few details on each option,