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What is the Best Solution for Missing Teeth

Dentists love teeth. We’re in the business of saving teeth long before we replace missing teeth, and sometimes we’ll go through some crazy heroics to do it. But sometimes teeth can’t be saved, even with an Avengers-style dentist team-up. Severely decayed or broken teeth are difficult or nearly impossible to restore.

What are the major causes of teeth problems?

Poor Oral Hygiene: Not brushing your teeth regularly allows plaque to build up and attack the tooth enamel. Plaque Formation:   Plaque is caused when bacteria, acid, food particles, and saliva all combine in your mouth. This plaque adheres to your teeth and builds up over time. The acid in the plaque attacks the enamel of your tooth and eventually

Oral and Dental Health: Symptoms, Types, Causes & Treatment

Dental and oral health is a key part of your overall wellbeing and health. Poor oral hygiene can lead to dental cavities and gum illness and is also associated with heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It is a lifelong engagement to preserve healthy teeth and gums. It’s good that you learn oral hygiene habits earlier like brushing, blowing (FLOSSING), and

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Patients missing one or more teeth once had to select from very limited options, however, dental implants now offer patients a comfortable, attractive, long-lasting option for teeth replacement. If you’re missing one or more teeth, arrange a dental consultation in Dubai and let our team of experienced oral surgeons in Dubai show you how dental implants

Can I get dental implants in only one day?

Having multiple missing teeth can really affect your confidence, especially if the gaps are at the front of the mouth and visible when you speak or smile. Missing teeth can also have a knock-on effect on your everyday life, your speech may be affected, it can limit what you eat, and it can even become painful if you are wearing

How To Care For Your Invisalign Tray

If you have decided on the Invisalign treatment in Dubai, then you’re probably wondering how to take care of these clear braces. Most patients complain of discoloration or smell towards the end of two to three weeks. With proper care, we can prevent these from happening. In this blog, we’ll show you some the best practices to keep your trays

New year, new you?

Are you tired of smiling with chipped or discolored teeth? Cosmetic Dentistry may be for you. There are many treatments to choose from and our team of cosmetic dentists will provide you with their experienced care and high-quality cosmetic dentistry procedures – because who doesn’t want the perfect smile? Here are a few details

Are you suffering with bad breath?

Bad breath can affect your quality of life, self-confidence and can create embarrassing situations, both within your personal and professional life, meaning you may not want to speak out due to the worry of the smell. Our leading practitioner Dr. Caron Oral Surgeon in Dubai talks about the causes of bad breath and how it can be prevented

What you need to know… 8 facts about Dental Implants!

Although there are many ways to replace lost or broken teeth, dental implants in Dubai are a popular tooth replacement choice. We’ll take you through the facts of dental implant surgery in this quick article… Appearance: Replacing a missing tooth not only gives a person a boost of confidence but with dental implants, it will look natural as we match

Is Invisalign the Right Choice For Me?

We all want that Hollywood smile – straight, white, pearly teeth, but sometimes we don’t want to go through the hassle of braces. If you’ve been avoiding braces because you feel they are not the right choice for you, it’s time to talk about Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear alignment tray which allows you to achieve that perfect smile comfortably.

How to Pre-prepare for Dental Implant Surgery

Planning to get dental implants in Dubai? Prepping for any kind of surgery is naturally worrying, and it is very normal to have concerns. Although we offer same day dental implants, here are a few tips to help prepare you for the procedure: Ask questions Our first tip is to ask your dentist all of your questions. Your dentist can

Dental Checkups and Oral Care for Children

Good oral care today is a healthy pavement set for the future. Regular dental checkups are very important for children, as it helps maintain healthy teeth and gums. Parents should schedule a dental visit with the Pediatric Dentist when the milk teeth start appearing, as that helps the dentist identify

How will Invisalign affect my lifestyle?

The simple answer is that Invisalign won’t affect your lifestyle. Invisalign aligners are practically invisible, to allow you to carry on with your day-to-day with confidence. Gone are the days of regular orthodontic braces, where you feel self-conscious to smile and reveal the metal wires and brackets. In order to achieve the perfect smile,

Facts about Invisalign You May Not Know…

Have you considered braces or other types of teeth alignment services? At Versailles Dental Clinic, our team offers Invisalign Aligners – A revolutionary dental technology for straightening your teeth. The Invisalign treatment is a popular choice, as it is hardly noticeable unlike braces. There are many common questions about Invisalign, such as:

Oral Healthcare for Life

Oral healthcare is commonly overlooked by patients; however, preventive diagnosis supports early detection of oral diseases that can impact on general health conditions. A look into the mouth will not only reveal any signs of diseases but can also reveal any nutritional deficiencies and unhealthy habits. Regular checkups every 6 months will

Flossing For Kids: A Tutorial For Parents

Flossing your child’s teeth might be a different type of adventure. It is difficult enough to brush their teeth, you imagine a fiddling 4-5-year-old running around the bathroom and you trying to brush and floss. We are here to tell you that flossing can be fun and easy to make it a habit. So where do you start? Understanding why

I need my wisdom tooth removed, what should I expect?

Extraction probably is the least favorite procedure among patients. In the case of wisdom teeth, it is often necessary to avoid an array of dental problems. Why do we have wisdom teeth? They are an inheritance from our biological past of hunter-gatherer. As our diet comprised raw meats, hard nuts, tree bark and lots of other raw food, we

How To Clean Your Retainers: Advice and Practical Tips

How to clean your retainers: advice and practical tips. If you or your child recently got retainers or Invisalign aligners, here is all you need about keeping your retainers clean and safe. How often should I clean my retainer or aligner? By the rule of thumb, you should clean your retainers or aligners just as often as you brush

5 Surprising Truths About Root Canal Treatment

There are many misconceptions about root canal (endodontic) treatment. If you are confronted with this procedure in your treatment plan, you must read the facts below. As always, before proceeding with any dental treatment, make sure you ask all the questions during your consultation. If you did not have the chance to do it,

What Is The Right Age For Kids To Get Braces?

As a parent, you must wear many hats and know what is best for your child in every aspect of their life. It is not easy for a parent to know when to start Orthodontic treatment for their children. There is a lot of information out there to navigate and understand. As a parent, you might be confused because even

6 Reasons Why Invisalign Is Better Than You Thought

There is a lot of hype these days about Invisalign as well as many misconceptions. Invisalign IS an efficient orthodontic treatment for adults and kids that solves most of the orthodontic problems. Invisalign is NOT a purely cosmetic treatment. As the technology progresses, so does Invisalign treatment. Here are 5 reasons why Invisalign is

Dental Implants and Smoking

DENTAL IMPLANTS AND SMOKING You are a smoker and would like to have dental implants surgery. Of course, smoking is bad for your health and you know it, but how exactly to prepare for the dental implant surgery if you still enjoy tobacco? Dr. Dominique Caron, senior oral surgeon, answers: Smoking is considered a big factor in implant

My Gums Are Bleeding

My gums are bleeding, how worried should I be? This question is asked more frequently than you might think. It is unsettling to see blood on your gums while you are brushing. Depending on the situation, it can be an indication of a bigger, more serious problem. But how can you know? We turned to our general dentist, Dr. Sylvain

Reducing Your Orthodontic Treatment In Half- Myth or Reality?

It is a universal truth that a gorgeous, healthy smile is truly the way to better health, bigger opportunities, and lifelong confidence. However, for many people, the prospect of undergoing orthodontic treatment for 12 to 36 months can be daunting and downright discouraging. Fortunately, there are new technologies that allow patients to reduce

5 Ways To Care For Your Smile After The Zoom Whitening Treatment

Here are 5 essential tips on how to care for your smile after the Zoom whitening treatment. The first thing you notice after the treatment is that your teeth feel a bit sensitive. Don’t worry, within 24 hours the sensitivity will settle. But what now? Remember, whitening only BEGINS in the dental chair. To maintain the dazzling white smile, you

Are You At Risk Of Developing Oral Cancer?

Oral Cancer Screenings are incorporated in your dental check-up Oral cancer, commonly called mouth cancer, occurs inside the mouth and can involve the lips, gums, tongue, the lining of the cheeks, and roof or floor of the mouth. Those at risk for developing some form of mouth cancer include: Tobacco use—cigarettes, cigars, pipes,

Can A Tooth With Root Canal Treatment Decay More?

The best part of a root canal treatment is the fact it can save the natural tooth. The advantages are countless, from preserving a healthy bite to retaining a strong jawbone, it is a priority to try and save the tooth. However, some patients believe that a root canal treatment means that the treated tooth is completely protected from any

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