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Flossing your child’s teeth might be a different type of adventure. It is difficult enough to brush their teeth, you imagine a fiddling 4-5-year-old running around the bathroom and you trying to brush and floss. We are here to tell you that flossing can be fun and easy to make it a habit. So where
Extraction probably is the least favorite procedure among patients. In the case of wisdom teeth, it is often necessary to avoid an array of dental problems.   Why do we have wisdom teeth? They are an inheritance from our biological past of hunter-gatherer. As our diet comprised raw meats, hard nuts, tree bark and lots
How to clean your retainers: advice and practical tips. If you or your child recently got retainers or Invisalign aligners, here is all you need about keeping your retainers clean and safe.   How often should I clean my retainer or aligner? By the rule of thumb, you should clean your retainers or aligners just
There are many misconceptions about root canal (endodontic) treatment. If you are confronted with this procedure in your treatment plan, you must read the facts below. As always, before proceeding with any dental treatment, make sure you ask all the questions during your consultation. If you did not have the chance to do it, here