Dr. Renee

General Dentist, Oral Surgeon

About Dr. Renee Mzawak

Dr Renée is a Lebanese General Dentist with a Doctor of Dental Surgery Diploma (DDS), a Master’s Degree in Oral Surgery and Implantology and a University Diploma (DU) in Oral Pathology from Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon. She has an extensive experience in utilizing state of the art technology in her fields.

She always aims to educate her patients on oral healthcare and hygiene and focuses on patient centered care while maintaining a full case management approach.

Dr Renée considers that communication is essential, she strongly believes in a comprehensive and efficient approach by thoroughly informing her patients about their conditions and treatment options while providing the most optimal solution for their individual cases.
Her scope of work is focused on general dentistry with a special interest in oral surgery and implant placement.

She is an active member of multiple international scientific groups including the International Team of Implantology.

With a continuous improvement vision, she continues to attend additional professional trainings, seminars and lectures both locally and abroad.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Renée is a sport, travel and food enthusiast who enjoys playing sports and loves exploring gastronomical experiences around the world. Dr Renée speaks French, English and Arabic.

“I believe Dentistry to be a combination of Science and Art, a new smile has a life changing impact on peoples life’s and this is what I thrive to offer to my patients”

Languages Known: French, Arabic, English
Nationality Lebanese
Dental Specialties Medical Director, Oral Surgeon
Education Dental Surgery Diploma (DDS), Master's Degree in Oral Surgery and Implantology and University Diploma (DU) in Oral Pathology

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