First Visit

What to Expect During your First Visit?

Patients trust us!

First of all, you can stay assured that at Versailles Dental Clinic our first and major goal is to ensure your comfort while providing you with the highest level of care. All our treatments are pain free, completely safe, and we use exclusively high end materials to ensure your complete satisfaction.

After your registration you will be oriented to your assigned or preferred provider. The doctor will ask you several questions but most importantly will listen to you.


We always listen to our patients.

We know that it’s never easy to walk into a dental office and especially to reveal some of your personal dental issue that can sometimes weight a lot on your daily life.

We’re here to help you resolve that and listening is a very important part of the consultation simply because no one knows better than you, what problem you are experiencing. Once we understood exactly what are your major concerns, we will be able to target precisely the future strategy in order to help you achieve your goal.


Your first consultation:

At the beginning of your consultation, your provider will  take a panoramic x-ray and assess your full mouth condition. This will be done using for example our endo-camera technology. This is a small intra oral camera that allows us to spot any apparent oral issue and to take photos. You will be able to see everything in detail on your own screen. With us, nothing is ever hidden from you, we always tell you everything, this is the only option to build trust.

Once that diagnostic phase is completed, your doctor will clearly explain what treatment options are the most suitable for your particular case. At that time (as always) you can ask any question you may feel the need to ask, feel free to ask us anything. There is no silly question, and we make it our duty to answer you in terms that you can comprehend easily.

Knowledge and Technology.

At Versailles Dental Clinic we bind technology to experience and care, this is one of the reasons why we can say proudly that by choosing our clinic for your dental care, you are making the right choice.

Our consultations for first visit usually last between 30 min to one hour, this depends of the complexity of your case. We will always take all the necessary time to ensure nothing is left unchecked.

At the end of your first visit you will be given (or sent by mail) a full estimate with every steps of your future treatment. There is no hidden fees, everything is transparent and we even offer “pay as you go” payment options.

We hope those explanations were sufficient, however would you have any additional question please feel free to WhatsApp us or directly call the clinic, we will happily assist you.



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