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February 20, 2023

Kids dentistry , What you need to know!

February 20, 2023

Kids dentistry , What you need to know!



6 Serious Problems If You Neglect Your Child’s Dental Health

Dental care plays a vital role in the overall well-being of a person. Therefore, it should start at a young age so that the child can achieve a healthy smile for a lifetime. Also, parents should ensure that the child practices good oral hygiene, eat a healthy diet, and visits the pediatric dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings. Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry dealing with the oral health care of children. 


However, many parents neglect their child’s dental health at the initial stage which later results in tooth decay and disease. It can also affect the health and well-being of the child. In this blog post, we will learn why one should not neglect the child’s dental health and the benefits of pediatric dentistry –


Emotional Stress

Poor dental health results in bad breath or early tooth loss which can affect the self-confidence of the child. Most kids avoid speaking or smiling in front of people or their friends to hide their dental issues. Consulting with a dentist can help get rid of dental problems which reduce emotional stress and make the kids calmer and happier.


Tooth Decay and Cavities

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems that children face. It occurs when bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugar and starch from food and drinks, producing acid that attacks the tooth enamel. You can rely on dentistry for children to treat these issues otherwise it can lead to cavities, pain, and even early tooth loss. 


Orthodontic Problems

Neglecting the dental health of the child can increase the risk of orthodontic problems. When the teeth and jaws do not develop correctly, it can result in orthodontic problems. It leads to problems with biting, chewing, and speaking, and can even impact your child’s facial appearance.


Bad Breath 

Bad breath is a common problem in children which is sometimes embarrassing and uncomfortable. Usually, it is caused by poor oral hygiene, gum disease, and other dental problems. When you neglect your child’s dental health it can result in poor oral hygiene leading to bad breath, which can also affect their confidence and social life.


Poor Diet

Poor dental care led to poor diet resulting in various health issues. When a child is suffering from oral infections and disease, it becomes hard to eat and chew correctly. Ultimately, inadequate diet in the growing-up years of a child affects the development of their mind and body. 



Improper Sleep Schedule

Dental negligence can result in pain and discomfort which impact the child’s quality of life. They may face difficulty in eating, sleeping, and concentrating in school. It can not only lead to other health issues but also affect the academic performance of the child. The dentist can identify any problems and provide treatment to prevent them from becoming more severe which helps reduce the pain and help a child get a healthy smile.  


Frequently Asked Questions 


When should I schedule the first dental visit for my child?

One should take the child for the first dental checkup at age 1 or after his/her first tooth erupts. 


How can I prepare my child for a dental visit?

Parents can prepare their children for a dental visit by talking to them about the importance of healthy teeth and gum. Using positive language and reading books or watching videos about visiting the dentist can also help.


What happens during a pediatric dental check-up?

During a pediatric dental check-up, the dentist will examine the child’s teeth and gums, clean their teeth, and may take x-rays to check for any underlying issues.


Is a pediatric dentist different from the other dentist?

Pediatric dentists are skilled dentists who have experience and specialization in treating infants, children, and adolescents. Also, they make a child-friendly environment to make the kids comfortable and deal with kids easily.


Why Choose Versailles Dental Clinic?

Now that you are familiar with the different aspects of pediatric dentistry, ensure that you choose the right dental clinic for your little one. When searching for a pediatric dentist in Dubai, you can reach out to Versailles Dental Clinic. 


With over 16 years of experience, we are proud to offer specialized pediatric dentistry services for kids in Dubai. Our team of dental experts is dedicated to providing high-quality dental care to children of all ages. Whether you need help with routine check-ups or complex dental treatment, we’ve got you covered. Book an appointment to learn more about our services!


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