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November 16, 2022

Reducing Your Orthodontic Treatment In Half- Myth or Reality?

November 16, 2022

Reducing Your Orthodontic Treatment In Half- Myth or Reality?

It is a universal truth that a gorgeous, healthy smile is truly the way to better health, bigger opportunities, and lifelong confidence. However, for many people, the prospect of undergoing orthodontic treatment for 12 to 36 months can be daunting and downright discouraging.

Fortunately, there are new technologies that allow patients to reduce their treatment time by up to 50%. So, a normal 24 months in braces now drops down to 12 months!

One of the leading technologies is called Acceledent.

How Acceledent® Works

Acceledent’s patented SoftPulse Technology® applies precisely calibrated vibrations called micropulses that transmit through the roots of your teeth to the surrounding bone. This gentle vibration helps increase the cellular activity and speeds the rate in which your teeth can move.

50% faster

Accelerated Treatment
When used with braces or aligners, Acceledent is clinically shown to move teeth up to 50% faster.1

71% less pain

Reduced Pain and Discomfort
Acceledent is also clinically shown to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with braces and aligners by up to 71%.1

Safe & Gentle

SoftPulse Technology micropulses exert up to 8x less force than a power toothbrush and 200x less force than ordinary chewing.1

You use the appliance, which looks like a mouth guard, for 20 minutes a day. We have had several patients tell us they put it on when applying makeup in the morning, doing their yoga exercises or walking the dog.

Start your treatment with Acceledent

You can start your treatment, Invisalign or classic braces and plan your orthodontic treatment including Acceledent. Our best orthodontist in Dubai at Versailles Dental Clinic will estimate the duration of the treatment and train you how to use the device work. Use it for 20 minutes per day.

If you have started an orthro-treatment already, it is possible to use Acceledent. Book your consultation and Dr. Najm will explain how can you benefit with Acceledent.

Genius ideas are generally simple. Acceledent is one of those, simple concept, easy to use with reliable results.

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