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Can I get dental implants in only one day?


Having multiple missing teeth can really affect your confidence, especially if the gaps are at the front of the mouth and visible when you speak or smile. Missing teeth can also have a knock-on effect on your everyday life, your speech may be affected, it can limit what you eat, and it can even become painful if you are wearing dentures which aren’t fitted properly. By having dental implants, you can really benefit from both the functionality and aesthetic appearances of your teeth.

However, with dental implants being such a specialist treatment, is it possible replace multiple teeth in just one day? The answer is yes!

What are one visit dental implants?

One visit dental implants at a dental hospital in Dubai, usually refer to the replacement of multiple teeth or complete upper and lower jaws. A placement of 4-8 titanium screws are inserted into the jawbone using a small surgical procedure and once fitted in place, a custom-made dental bridge is placed securely on top to restore the functionality and appearance of your smile!

Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider one visit same day dental implants in Dubai:

Tooth Replacement

There are other tooth replacement options available, however, dental implants are the only treatment able to restore the functionality of the tooth and a beautiful cosmetic smile. Dental implants are surgically fixed into the jawbone making them secure and act as fully functioning teeth. Other tooth replacement options such as dentures or non-implant dental bridges can improve the appearance of your teeth, however, they are limited in functionality, due to the fact they risk coming loose by sitting on top of your remaining teeth or gums.

Enjoy all your favorite foods!

Tooth loss can often prevent you from eating tough or chewy foods, especially if you have multiple missing teeth and can cause digestion or stomach issues. In addition, by having an inability to eat certain foods you could be preventing yourself from getting the nutritional value you need from your meals.

With dental implants, you can go from having little to no teeth, to having a full set of functioning teeth in only one session. This will allow you to eat all your favourite foods and enjoy eating socially without embarrassment.

Smile and feel confident

Most people with multiple missing teeth or noticeable gaps become self-conscious about their smile. If you have teeth remaining, the implants can be carefully matched to the exact shape and colour of your teeth, so no one will even know they are implants at all. You’ll be able to smile with confidence in no time!

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