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Dental Treatments In Single Visit

Most of our dental services are performed in one visit dentistry

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    What is a crown in one visit?

    A crown is a type of cap that completely covers the natural tooth. It’s made of ceramic or porcelain.

    Crowns can be fitted where a tooth has broken, decayed or been damaged, or just to make a tooth look better.

    To fit a crown, the production of tooth surface needs to be done, the crown will be fixed on to.

    We use crowns made entirely of porcelain because they create the most natural smile possible by matching teeth perfectly and have enhanced strength and durability without the need for metal bases.

    Crown in one visit procedures can now be completed in one appointment without the need for dental labs. This proven, robust technology offers impressive efficiencies and benefits for both your patients and your practice.

    The computer and CEREC® 3D software converts the digital picture to a 3D virtual model of your prepared tooth. We can then design your restoration, such as a dental crown

    Time Efficient

    The One Visit Crown can be completed efficiently in one appointment, saving you valuable time and the overheads of a second appointment. It also eliminates the need for messy impression material and temporary crowns.

    Minimally Invasive

    With the One Visit Crown procedure, a more natural tooth is saved, which is better for your patients.

    How it works:

    During the first dental consultation, an X-ray is usually taken of the tooth and jawbone to investigate for signs of decay and other factors that could increase the risk of infection or injury to the pulp of the tooth.

    For some patients, root canal treatment may be required prior to the placement of a crown on a tooth.

    The tooth will need to be shaped to allow room for the crown to be placed; the extent of reshaping will depend on the type of crown being used.

    Once the tooth has been adequately shaped, the next step is to create an impression with Cerec of the shaped tooth so that the crown can be made to fit the tooth as closely as possible.

    An impression also often needs to be created for the tooth on the opposing jaw that will connect with the crown when the patient bites.

    At versailles dental clinic, crowns are constructed in the clinic so that the crown can be made and placed in same visit, without the need to send the impressions to a dental laboratory.

    3D Optical Printing:

    3D optical printing is the process of making a 3D solid object such as a crown, onlay/inlay, implant or veneer from a digital file. At the Versailles Dental Clinic Dubai, we have incorporated this technology since 20 years in order to save time and effort and improve the quality and precision of the dental components that we can make.
    Without the need for impressions, which are uncomfortable, time-consuming and imprecise, we use this new technology to take a 2-minute 3D digital scan of your entire mouth. We can then use the 3D printing machine to craft the ceramic piece of dental work you need to perfect your smile.

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