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    What is Ozone?

    To hear the word “ozone,” makes everybody to think instantaneously to the Ozone layer and to the negative consequences on the Earth’s atmosphere. Despite of this alarming observation, Ozone is not harmful but safeguarding. The issues raised concern the gaps in the layer, not the Ozone gas itself.

    Our Technique to fabricate our own OZONE THERAPY for dentistry usage:

    At Versailles dental clinic, we create Ozone Therapy from pure oxygen filtrated through a special designed generator. the oxygen is separated into three atoms that are charged with negative ions. The ozone is then safely created and stored. it can be utilized in the form of a liquid or as a gas for our dental treatments, such as root canal, decays, cavities, caries, but also dental implants, oral surgery.


    Using ozone therapy while performing dental implant procedure, is keeping naturally and safely your mouth free of dental and oral infection. We apply ozone as a gas or in water form. By using special technic we completely remove harmful bacteria from the gum, jaw and teeth. This ensures the implant itself and the surrounding tissue clear of bacteria.  Healing and recovery of dental implants are faster and safer thanks to Ozone therapy treatment.

    The Purpose of Ozone Therapy, holistic preference natural body healing:

    Ozone therapy actually has several uses in dentistry. Since ozone attacks harmful bacteria, it is commonly used in the treatment of tooth decay and gum disease. At Versailles Dental Clinic Dubai, we use ozone therapy as a holistic dental treatment. Ozone therapy is used for root canal treatment to kill bacteria, sterilize the canals chambers and to activate faster healing. Ozonated water impregnates the mini tubules that are not accessible by instruments, making the full root entirely sterile, for a bacteria-free root canal sealing. There is not any contraindications to Ozone, no cross-reactions with any type of medicine. There is no allergy to ozone as no human being can be allergic to oxygen, as oxygen is even needed as foetus.


    Ozone is the most effective oxidizer in medicine. It’s the most forceful anti-bacterial treatment, that kills yeasts, bacteria and viruses. We naturally produce ozone in our body. the white blood cells, the ones that combat infections, are living an ozone environment. Ozone has been used successfully for many years to combat cavities, infections, periodontal disease, tooth sensitivity, and cavities. It also has effective applications in whitening and oral surgery.

    True: Ozone in dental therapy is not administered in toxic doses; it is not inhaled, or injected into the blood stream. At Versailles Dental Clinic, we deliver ozone under a strict protocol, making it a safe and effective treatment option.

    Learn More about Ozone Therapy at Our Practice:

    To find out more about ozone therapy at Versailles Dental Clinic, . As always, we are here to answer any of your questions regarding our treatments. You can contact us by whatsapp at any time.

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