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Most of our dental services are performed in one visit dentistry

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    Pediatric dentists are dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years. Versailles dental clinic in Dubai has the experience and qualifications to care for children teeth, gums, and mouth throughout the various stages of childhood.

    Children begin to get their baby teeth during the first 6 months of life. By age 6 or 7 years, they start to lose their first set of primary teeth, which are replaced by permanent teeth.

    Without proper dental care, children face possible oral decays and diseases that can cause a lifetime of pain and complications.

    Never neglect primary teeth when they have decays or cavities, thinking they don t need treatment as they will be replaced by the permanent teeth coming. A Primary tooth infection can contaminate the permanent new tooth during its growth inside the jaw, before it erupts on the arch.

    In this event the permanent tooth often develops already damaged or with defects.

    Today, early childhood dental caries—an infectious disease—is 5 times more common in children than asthma and 7 times more common than hay fever also called allergic rhinitis.


    Sealants – also called fissure sealants or pits or even micro cracks the fastest, best, safe, and 100% painless way of protecting your children’s teeth from tooth decays is to seal the sealants. The procedure is very easy: a plastic coating BPA FREE enriched in FLUORIDE, is smoothly applied on the chewing surface of molars, The sealant forms a hard shield that protects the tiny grooves in the teeth from

    Decays, caries, cavities – Biopulpectomy, pulpectomy, pulpotomy is indicated when the radicular pulp tissue of the PRIMARY TOOTH is necrotic. The pulp is removed and the primary tooth is protected as it must be maintained in the dental arch as long as possible, to keep the arch integrity and to protect the future permanent teeth.

    Dental X-Rays – are used only when needed. Our panoramic xray is a LOW DOSE radiation dental xray     special for kids, teens or even adults. It is 70 times less radiation than any other equipment on the market nowadays. Needed as soon as your child is 6 years old for a full and safe check up. A dental routine check-up is less  than one day of natural background radiation or about the same from a short airplane flight of around 2 hours.

    Dental Cleaning, scaling and polishing – oral hygiene is the key for the future healthy teeth of your kid 2 times a year is recommended for a dental cleaning to ensure safety and cleanliness for your kids and a piece of mind for parents.


    Orthodontic treatment is important to give back a good teeth alignment and to settle uneven jaws incorrect position. orthodontics prevents from extensive further dental treatments, as the cleaning is significantly easier and improves oral hygiene effectively, as soon as the orthodontic teeth alignment is completed. Patients with severe jaw misalignment, are encouraged to go for preventive orthodontic in addition to dentofacial orthopedic treatment, in order to prevent further jaw surgery.

    The aesthetics of the face and the way of the lips are closing, can also be improved with orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is offering much more than straightening teeth: it gives back the right base and position for each tooth, but also the recovery of harmonious jaw balance and lips support. If you have questions about orthodontic treatment, ask our orthodontic specialist for more information. No matter your age, it’s never too late to improve your dental health and your smile.

    Tooth Extraction – It happens more frequently than you might think that a child needs to have a primary extraction or permanent tooth removal. Common causes for children tooth extraction include:

    Tooth decay when the tooth is too much damaged by the decay, the restoration is too extensive and not a possible option. Preparation and space management for orthodontic treatment. Baby teeth fail to fall out before permanent teeth erupt, this is called an over-retained primary tooth or over-retention of a baby tooth. Removal of chipped teeth, broken teeth, after dental trauma for instance.

    At Versailles Dental Clinic, tooth extraction is always the last option to consider. We always try to find the less invasive options, to preserve the entirety of a tooth. When there is not any other option but tooth removal, parents are closely informed to understand.



    Various factors might determine how frequently your child needs to have a dental visit, including age, health and risk of tooth decay. Consider these general guidelines:

    • Babies Ages 6 months to 1 year.

    Versailles Dental Clinic recommend scheduling a child’s first dental exam after the first tooth erupts and no later than the first birthday. Also expect your baby’s teeth and gums to be examined at well-baby checkups.

    • Children to Teenagers 12 years.

    Versailles Dental Clinic recommends scheduling regular dental checkups, with the most common interval being every six months. However, our dentist might recommend fewer or more-frequent visits depending on your child’s risk factors for oral health problems.

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