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    Never feel guilty if a decay happens if you have a good oral hygiene. Decays are not only the fruit of poor oral hygiene, but, as surprising as it can be, it is also often due to others physiological causes such as malposition of teeth, natural weakness of the enamel, heredity, but also nutrition. So even as good as you are in cleaning your teeth, cavities can happen. Of course this is not a good reason to stop brushing! The first thing to avoid decays is to go regularly for dental check up on a base of every 6 months. We use an early caries detector, it is a fluorescent blue laser light that shows evidence of decay that cannot be seen yet to the naked eye. It allows earlier treatment for a better tooth life preservation.
    (here the photo I sent about early detection laser blue light fluorescence)

    When a decay starts inside a tooth, a cavity begins to grow.  Very often it is not visible, and you don’t feel anything. While you cannot clean more than what you are doing daily, the invisible cavity continue it deadly work, becoming bigger as more and more welcoming for food collection and bacteria. The bacteria start to transform food collection into acid that extend the cavity slowly but surely. The healthy layer of dentin remaining between the cavity of decay and the nerve, becomes thinner day after day, and you start feeling sensitivity to cold, sweet and acid.


    One way or the other, if you don t take your health in hand, your tooth is nothing else now but a true funnel full of dead cells: a highway to bacteria, bringing 24/7 germs from mouth to your blood flow.


    You are living now with a permanent low noise general infection. This permanent inflammation will damage not only teeth but also your jawbone and create a cyst. And at some point, bacteria and germs injected night and day in your blood become stronger than you, you feel more tired than usual, you can get fever, swelling, increasing heart and breathing rate, feel dehydrate, stomach pain…and  the inflammation start infecting the jawbone, your joints, your kidneys, your heart. Every year millions of persons die in the world from tooth infection having contaminated vital organs of their body. If one day you need a root canal, or if today you read this article, do it as soon as possible, in the safest way.


    If you don t take immediate action, the deeper goes the cavity, the more acid the bacteria produce, digging the tooth inexorably and reaching closer and closer to the nerve. The more inflammation you have inside the tooth, the more pressure you get into the pulp chamber located in the inside middle of the tooth. The pulp chamber is not expandable, and under the pressure increasing with the inflammation, the nerve of the tooth cannot stand it and dies. This is the step you are about to experience an unforgettable toothache.


    After a sleepless night spent with an unforgettable toothache, no other option but a root canal treatment to remove the dying cells, clean thoroughly the root canal and fill it. Sometimes, the natural process is almost noiseless and painless, and the tooth dies silently with no cataclysmic pain, but the final result is the same: your tooth is dead.


    At Versailles Dental Clinic, we perform our root canals with high speed precision instruments, and we use the latest Laser called Sirolaser Advance. The laser therapy should be a standard equipment of any advanced dental clinic. When patients need root canal treatment, there is no blood, nor pain to expect. The Laser Therapy is essential to complete to perfection the sterilization of the canals after they are cleaned with professional standards root canal treatment practice. Root canal treatment at Versailles Dental Clinic are normally performed in one visit, unless the root is infected and needs an antibio-therapy root treatment prior to the permanent root canal, which is performed and completed with the laser therapy when the infection is under control. During the treatment, the dead dental pulp is carefully and gently removed, no pain to expect. The dental pulp chamber of the natural tooth and root canal are then cleaned, and sterilized with the DENTAL LASER before to be safely and permanently sealed.

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