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Dental Treatments In Single Visit

Most of our dental services are performed in one visit dentistry

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    Whitening in Versailles dental clinic offer a beautiful smile that will allow you to confidently greet the world with the whitest smile. Our clinic uses only the best among other whitening brands in the market, it is safe and efficiently whitens teeth in just 45 minutes, with 20 years of successful use.

    Only Philips Zoom Power advanced Whitening delivers maximum results, advanced LED light-activated technology and variable intensity settings, it is also clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in one procedure.


    • Special whitening consultation
    • Cleaning ultra-sonic & polishing
    • Registration of your current natural teeth shade
    • Protection of the gums and soft tissues, setting of the dental retractor
    • Application of whitening gel zoom
    • Bleaching activated with the Zoom Whitening white speed lamp
    • 45 min splitted in 3 sessions of 15 min
    • Exceptional result,

    long lasting : 1 to 2 years depending on your life style, food and dental hygiene.
    Some sensitivities can occur during the treatment, they vanish naturally after a few hours.
    do not drink tea, coffee nor eat colored food for few days
    here we go ! you are great with a white and sparkling smile and full of self-confident !



    Exclusivity at Versailles Dental clinic, this a product ONLY AVAILABLE at VERSAILLES DENTAL CLINIC IN DUBAI.

    Boutique Home Teeth Whitening is a premium quality whitening gel tat delivers superior results, with a noticeable improvement in just a few days. It is a take home, tray administered, tooth whitening system which contains active ingredients to efficiently whitens your teeth.

    How to Use your BOUTIQUE Home Teeth Whitening Kit

    1. Special Home teeth whitening kit consultation – the First session of home whitening should be done at the Versailles dental clinic.

    2. Scaling & Polishing is recommended before whitening.

    3. Pictures with current teeth shade will be taken.

    4. Impression for home whitening custom trays

    5. Special instructions and how to load the tray will be demonstrated by your dentist

    6. Recommended wear time is a minimum of 6 hours per day but works best if the trays are left in overnight.

    7. Length of treatment will vary. Almost all patients will get whiter teeth, however, some take longer than others depending on start shade and type of staining.

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