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April 13, 2023

Sleep Apnea and Dental Health

April 13, 2023

Sleep Apnea and Dental Health

A photo of a woman suffering from sleep apnea and wearing a special mask on her nose with oxygen

Sleep Apnea and Dental Health: Understanding the Connection and Treatment Options


Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. This can happen to anyone, from infants to children and adults. It results in various health problems, including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. But what is the connection between sleep apnea and dental health? While sleep apnea is typically associated with respiratory problems, it can also have a significant impact on dental health. In this blog post, we will learn more about it –


What is Sleep Apnea? 

The word ‘apnea’ is a Greek word meaning ‘breathless.’ Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which a person stops breathing while sleeping, or there are pauses of breathing during sleep. It happens when the brain does not control breathing correctly or there is a blockage of the airway. The common symptoms of sleep apnea include loud snoring, gasping or choking during sleep, excessive daytime sleepiness, and morning headaches.


There are three types of sleep apnea –


Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA): This is the most common type of sleep apnea, generally known as OSA. It occurs when the muscles in the back of the throat fail to keep the airway open, causing the person to stop breathing for brief periods.


Central Sleep Apnea (CSA): This occurs when the brain fails to signal the muscles to breathe. It is a less common condition that can happen because of heart failure, low blood oxygen levels, nervous system damage, and more. 


Complex Sleep Apnea syndrome (CompSA): This is a combination of OSA and CSA, also known as mixed sleep apnea. 

Connection Between Sleep Apnea and Dental Health 

Sleep apnea can have a number of negative effects on dental health. Usually, it is caused by a problem with the soft tissues in the mouth. So, a person must visit a dentist to determine whether their condition is associated with a dental issue. Some common conditions include the following –



When a person grinds their teeth while they are asleep, it is known as bruxism. It can lead to dental problems like premature wearing of teeth, inflammation, and receding. 



The temporomandibular joint connects the lower and upper jaws. When it is misaligned, it results in ear pain or headache. This is called Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. 


Tooth Decay

People suffering from sleep apnea breathe through their mouths more at night, which results in dryness. This condition contributes to various periodontal diseases and plaque- build-up. 


Sleep Apnea: Diagnosis and Treatment 

If you think you or someone you know has sleep apnea, the first step is to consult a healthcare professional. They will guide you with the various treatment options and ways to diagnose sleep apnea. Usually, a sleep study, also known as polysomnography, is conducted overnight in a sleep laboratory or at home. The monitoring equipment is used for the test that measures various physiological parameters during sleep, including brain waves, eye movements, muscle activity, heart rate, and breathing.


After the sleep study is completed, the data is analyzed by a trained professional. They will look for abnormalities in breathing patterns and other physiological parameters during sleep. If they find significant disturbances in breathing, they will diagnose the problem and guide them for treatment accordingly. 


A sleep appliance is one of the most common ways to treat sleep apnea. It is a small and comfortable device that can be worn while sleeping. The benefits of using a sleep apnea appliance are –


Sleep appliance is an easy-to-use device that you can use conveniently. 

It does not cause any side effects like dry mouth and nosebleeds.

It is a portable device, so you can carry it easily. 

Lastly, a sleep appliance is cost-effective when compared to other treatment options like surgery.

How Can Versailles Dental Clinic Help Improve Your Sleep? 

Sleep apnea can affect your dental health in various ways leading to issues such as the dry mouth and tooth grinding. Fortunately, there are treatment options available for both sleep apnea and dental health issues. If you suspect that you may be suffering from sleep apnea, you can reach out to Versailles Dental Clinic in Dubai. We can help you with a sleep study and sleep appliance that you can wear during sleep to keep your airway open to breathe properly. Moreover, we can help improve your sleep and quality of life. So, book an appointment now!


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