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November 28, 2022

Wisdom Tooth Removal, What to Expect?

November 28, 2022

Wisdom Tooth Removal, What to Expect?


Wisdom tooth removal, how and why.


A wisdom tooth removal or any extraction in general is one of the most feared procedure among patients. Lucky for you at Versailles Dental Clinic we have more than 25 years of experience in oral surgery.

In the case of wisdom teeth removal, undergoing a the procedure is often necessary to avoid an array of future dental problems.


Why do we have wisdom teeth?

They are an inheritance from our biological past of hunter-gatherer. As our diet comprised raw meats, hard nuts, tree bark and lots of other raw food, we needed one more pair of molars to help chomp down the “paleo” foods.

With the advancements in cooked and processed foods, our species needed less and less the extra pair of teeth. As our brains got bigger and due to the change in our diet our jaws became smaller and the wisdom teeth had less or little space to grow.


Wisdom teeth can create several kind of issues:

inflammation: if they are growing inside the bone and don’t have space to erupt.

Misalignment of other teeth: when they push your adjacent teeth out of place.

Pain and infection: when growing at a wrong angle and if left untreated.


Why do I need a consultation first before wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth can create all kinds of problems, therefore, is imperative to establish the perfect diagnostic for each case.

Some of them will be a simple extraction that can take as little as half an hour. Others might be buried deep down in the bone, close to the nerve or sinus. Your oral surgeon at Versailles Dental Clinic will perform a thorough consultation.

You can expect to have diagnostical investigations such as Panoramic X-Ray and 3D scan, in order reveal exactly the position of the tooth and its roots.


How exactly is the procedure of wisdom tooth extraction? 

During your first consultation, one of our Oral surgeons will assess your case, take X-Rays and 3D scan if necessary. You will be explained exactly what type of extraction is necessary, the duration and what will be your post-operative instructions.

Any of your considerations will be taken into account, as well, during this visit, fell free ask any question that you may have. We are here to answer and explain, its our role and duty.


Is it complicated and will I experience pain?

As a rule, the removal procedure is straightforward. If your case is more complicated your practitioner will go into details about the procedure.

Once you agree with the treatment plan the surgeon will go ahead with the extraction during the same appointment.

Removal of the tooth/teeth will be carried out under local anesthesia, we use a stronger anesthetic than we do for treatments such as dental fillings. and you will not experience any pain during the extraction.

If you suffer from dental phobia, extreme fear of dental treatments, we can arrange the procedure to be done under sedation. Click here for more info about our sedation dentistry services.


What happens after my wisdom tooth was removed?

After the procedure plan to rest for the remaining of the day or reduce as much as possible your physical activity.

24 hours after the procedure you might experience a small amount of bleeding, discomfort and bruising. In most cases, you will recover within 48 hours after the surgery.


How to avoid infections after the surgery?

As with any other dental surgery, there is always concerns about a possible post-operative infection.

To avoid potential problems, it is very important to keep a good oral hygiene in general but especially post surgery.


Brush your teeth as usual and gently brush the site of the extraction with a special surgical brush.

Rinse your mouth thoroughly after you consume any drinks except water.

You can also rinse few times a day with warm water with salt.

Follow the post-operative instructions provided by the clinic.

Do not smoke! On top of being harmful, smoking can lead to severe infections after surgeries.


At Versailles Dental Clinic your dentist will arrange a follow-up appointment 5-7 day after the extraction to check the healing.



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Disclaimer : The content of this article is not a substitute for professional dental advice.


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