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With over 25 years of experience in the dental industry, Versailles Dental Clinic, located in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) since 2007, offers the safest and highest quality of dental treatments available nowadays, bringing together unrivalled core dental care and orthodontic services to patients coming from all over the world. 16 millions of visitors make Dubai the destination number one for tourism and expatriates. VERSAILLES DENTAL CLINIC is one of the best dental clinic in Dubai to go for cosmetic dentistry and dental treatments for the entire family.

Medical Authorities & Official Accreditations

Why Versailles Dental Clinic?


Since 25 years, we treat our patients with respect, compassion, and confidentiality. All patients deserve the right to be treated equally with the best level of accepted data of science of the 21 century, this is what we do at Versailles Dental Clinic. Our patients can rely on us, they know we keep our word, and we always tell them the truth. We demonstrate our patients an authentic interest in their concerns. We work with them hand in hand for the success of their dental treatment and their smile is our best reward.


Latest Techniques

As an innovative leader in the dental industry since 1989,VERSAILLES DENTAL CLINIC creates the insight and knowledge needed to develop next-generation dental solutions for patients that improve dental care.Always are at the forefront of technological progress, we improve continuously with new standards in dental treatments.

3D digital print for ceramic crown, laser treatment, Ozone therapy, implant surgery, holistic dentistry are some of the lead roles of our dental services we are offering to demanding patients.

Certified Dental Experts

In order to improve constantly and be on top as a Dental expert practitioner, it needs willingness to learn new things and ability to contribute for the well-being & dental health of patients.

We not only provide dental competences and services but also offer values and moral standards to our patients through experience and the inspiration to achieve their dental treatment goals. Our continuous focus on improving & innovating through training and technology is helping our patients to bring off true satisfaction.

Our Story From Versailles To Dubai

Dr. Dominique Caron and Veronique Caron founded the first Versailles Dental Clinic in 1987 in Versailles, France. Based on years of experience and extended patient research in the gulf region, they founded Versailles Dental Clinic – Dubai in 2007.

In a short time, the clinic became highly reputable with impressive dental consultancy and a wide range of services. Dr. Dominique is one of the most well known and reliable dentists in Dubai today.

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